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Chemical products R. Borghgraef S.A since its beginning

This part redraws the major stages of the development of the company Chemical Products R. Borghgraef S.A. since the beginning.
  • 1958: First detergency activities developed by René Borghgraef Sr. They will be followed by the production of first RBS detergent, the RBS 25, commercialized as an alternative to acid chromic solutions and used for cleaning laboratory glassware. First dealers’ agreements were concluded in Europe with countries like Germany.
  • 1964: After its founder’s death, the company was taken over by family members. The corporate entity became Chemical Products R. Borghgraef S.P.R.L.. RBS 35 and RBS 50 were added to the RBS detergents range.
  • 1977: Extension of the distribution network to the United States (laboratory industry).
  • 1982: Because of its growth, the company moves in Brussels for larger facilities.
  • 1994: Chemical Products R. Borghgraef S.P.R.L. becomes a limited company.
  • 1997: Modernization of Brussels site with the construction of new laboratories and warehouses.
  • 2000: This year marks a bend in the development of the company. It obtains the certification ISO 9001:2000. 
  • 2001: Audit and certification of the company for the previous version to the current standard ISO 13485:2003.
  • 2003: Launch on the market of the RBS B 172, a high performance cleaning agent for the semiconductors industry. RBS B 172 detergent is used for ultrasonic treatment and cleaning of silicon wafers in the semiconductors industry.
  • 2004: Chemical Products R. Borghgraef S.A. is certified ISO 13485:2003 for manufacturing, packaging and supply of tensio-active disinfecting and decontaminating cleaning agents for use in healthcare.
  • 2006: Development of a new product: RBS B 106-H2 MD. RBS B 106-H2 MD is a cleaning agent for sensitive instruments and equipment in the medical field. It is used in washing machines, multi-chamber washers or washing cabins.
  • 2007: Development of a new website.
  • 2009: Introduction and marketing of a new T range for laboratories, M range for hospitals and medical sector and IND range for industry. These new ranges of cleaning agents were developped with ingredients that meet the most recent regulations notably on the matter of biodegradable surfactants. 
  • 2010: - Introduction of a new product range for hand hygiene: RBS HDS GEL, RBS HDS LOTION, RBS HDS 12 and RBS HDS 15. - Acquisition of a new filling line for 5 l and 10 l bottle.
  • 2011: - Launch of a new NTA free product range and a radioactive decontaminating agent RBS IND 470.
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