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labsWashing machines Treatment of instruments and equipment

The treatment in washing machines allows cleaning of high volume of instruments and items. The process offers the advantage of being reproducible, safe to use and permits the validation of the cleaning procedure.

In hospitals (disinfecting and sterilization centres), the washing machine may combine cleaning and thermal disinfection. The washing cycle should be then performed at high temperature. The internal baskets and accessories of the machines are adapted to the washing of several types of items (cavities, tubing, etc).

Furthermore, the mechanical cleaning allows combination of the washing, neutralization and rinsing cycles ensuring high quality results.

RBS products can be used in various types of machines:
  • Washing machines
  • Multichamber washers (tunnels)
  • Washing cabins (for large equipment such as trolleys, bed frames, etc.)

labsRBS solutions Automatic cleaning of instruments and equipment

Liquid cleaning agent, alkaline, non-foaming, contains active chlorine. RBS IND 500 MD is suitable for use in washing machines.
Liquid detergent, concentrated, alkaline, non-foaming, chlorine- and phosphates- free. RBS M 456 is suitable for use in washing machines and multichamber washers (tunnels).
Neutral cleaning agent, concentrated non-foaming liquid. RBS M 565 is suitable for use in automatic washing machines, multichamber washers (tunnels) and washing cabins.

RBS M 675

Rinsing agent and drying activator

for washing machines, multi-chamber washers or washing cabins

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