Competence in cleaning




Acid (detergent)
An aqueous cleaning agent that has a pH value below 6. It contains acids and other components such as surfactants, chelating agents ... Acid detergents clean through the acid solubilization mechanism (acid react with soils molecules to produce water soluble molecules) or via acid hydrolysis (acid react with soils molecules and divide them into small water soluble entities). Acid cleaning agents allow the trasformation of insoluble mineral salts to water soluble salts. Calcium salts deposits for example are disolved with carbon dioxide CO2 relase.
Alkaline (detergent)
An aqueous cleaning agent that has pH value higher than 8. It contains alkaline substances (basic) and others ingredients. Alkaline detergents act by saponification, solubilization or hydrolysis. The saponification is for example the reaction between the fatty acid of an organic oil and alkaline substances to form soap.
Aqueous (detergent)
A mixture of water soluble chemical substances designed to remove soils and residues in aqueous medium.
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