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Liquid cleaning agent, concentrated, alkaline, non-foaming and phosphates-free. RBS 50 pF is suitable for use in ultrasonic baths and automatic washing machines.


- Cost effective
- Efficient at low concentrations
- High cleaning and degreasing power
- Multipurpose detergent
- Alternative to solvents and sulfochromic acids known as toxic and hazardous
- Total rinse


In laboratories, RBS 50 pF is used for cleaning glassware and laboratory equipment made of stainless steel, plastic, porcelain, etc. It is particularly adapted for use in laboratory for analysis of water. In industry, it is recommended for cleaning parts and surfaces made of glass, stainless steel, production equipment, etc.


- pH pure product : 13.5
- pH 0.3% v/v in water : 10.7


Use concentration : 0.3% v/v in water.


RBS 50 pF is available in 5 l blue polyethylen bottle (only available in box of 4 x 5 l).

For others pack sizes (industry, etc), contact us.


RBS 50 pF

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