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Acid neutralizing agent based on organic acids. RBS M 675 is suitable for prewash and rinsing cycles in washing machines before sterilization step.


- Concentrated product
- Low concentrations of use
- Surfactants- and phosphorus-free
- Can be used for both prewash and rinsing cycles
- Improves the rinsing and prevents the forming of calcareous traces


RBS M 675 is used in combination with an alcaline RBS detergent for cleaning instruments and medical equipment in washing machines. In prewash cycle, it allows the removal of mineral salts and others hard to clean soils with an alkaline detergent. In the rinsing cycle, it neutralizes the residual alkaline traces of the main alkaline washing.


- pH pure product : 1
- pH 0.5% v/v in water : 2.6


Use concentration : 0.2-0.5% v/v in water.


RBS M 675 is available in 5 l blue polyethylen bottle (only available in box of 4 x 5 l).

For others pack sizes, contact us.


RBS M 675

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