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labsLaboratories RBS products intended for use in laboratories

RBS detergents have been used in laboratories (analysis, control, R&D, universities, research institutes, teaching hospitals, medical, industry …) for cleaning glassware and laboratory equipment made of plastic, porcelain, ceramic, quartz, stainless steel, etc. They efficiently remove most of residues such as greases, oils, chemical and distillation residues, proteins, blood and derivatives, biological residues and radioactive contaminants.

The use of RBS cleaning agents offers the following advantages :

  • Safety: in normal working conditions, RBS cleaning solutions do not produce either atmospheric emissions, or health risks or unpleasant smells for user. The surfactants involved in the formulae are biodegradable.
  • Efficacy: RBS cleaning agents constitute safe alternatives to hazardous acid mixtures (e.g. chromic acid). They present high emulsifying, wetting and dispersing powers which allow efficient removal of stubborn residues from glassware.
  • Rinsing: RBS products rinse away easily and completely to leave the cleaned surfaces free from any interfering residues or films.
  • Cost effective: RBS detergents are economical and present favourable benefit/cost ratio due notably to the low working concentrations.

Glassware and laboratory equipment

Manual cleaning Soaking Ultrasonic baths Washing machines

Hands hygiene

Hands disinfection Hygienic hands washing

RBS T 105

Concentrated detergent

For manual cleaning, soaking and ultrasonic baths

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