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REACH concerns each of us. REACH reglement, which stands for Registration, Evaluation, and Authorisation of Chemicals, constitutes the main axe of the new strategy developed by the European Union in terms of chemical substances.

REACH has been approved by the European Parliament in December 2006 to improve the management of chemical substances uses and apply restrictions to these substances if required. To implement REACH, a European Agency for chemical substances will be created in Helsinki. This Agency should be fully operational from June 2008.

One of REACH aspect is that data for almost 30 000 substances need to be collected by producers, importers and in certain cases by users. These data are related to substances properties and risks for public health and environment, mainly through tests campains which will be combined for each chemical substance.

According to our actual knowledge, it is not necessary to pre-register RBS products taking into account the following elements :

- As a « downstream user », it is not necessary to register RBS products. However, our company has to make sure that the applications related to its products are present in the registration files submitted directly or indirectly by its raw materials suppliers to the REACH agency.

- The products are a part of the “ionic preparation” category included in Annex V of the REACH legislation. This category has an exemption from the obligation to pre-register and register.

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