RBS T 305 - Acidic detergent - Based on phosphoric acid

  • RBS T 305 Détergent acide

Acidic cleaning agent, descaler and oxydes remover for manual use and soaking.

  • Technical Data Sheet TDS
  • Safety Data Sheet SDS

Data sheet

Use concentration (%) 2-5% v/v in water
Available packing Box of 4 x 5 L (for other pack size, contact us)
pH 100% 1
pH (in solution) 2,6 (2%)

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  • Cleans, removes scale and oxydes
  • safe for the cleaned items
  • Cost effective
  • Gives the original aspect to the cleaned items

RBS T 305 is recommended for the removal of insoluble inorganic residues, metal oxides and scale residues on glassware, equipment and surfaces made of stainless steel, plastic, porcelain ... RBS T 305 is also suitable for cleaning animal cages and rooms in laboratories and veterinary institutions.

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