Electronic & Semiconductors

High performance cleaning agents from RBS best suit electronic applications without using hazardous chemicals or volatile solvents. RBS detergents provide ultra clean and conductive residues-free surfaces and allow high yields in subsequent manufacturing steps.

RBS detergents are efficient for cleaning:

  • Metallised synthetic materials, printed circuits board PCB’s, electric contacts, soldering, serigraphy frames, electronic components, plastics, etc.
  • Quartz glass and photomasks in IC’s production.
  • Silicon wafers for use in photovoltaic and solar cells, IC’s, etc.
  • Wafers made of quartz, gallium arsenide, germanium, etc for IC’s and electronic devices in high-tech industry.
  • Ceramic and composites parts and surfaces.
  • Moulds for the production of printed circuits boards (PCB’s).

RBS cleaning agents allow the removal of oil, synthetic putty, polymers, protective varnish, adhesives, conductive residues, cutting oil, grinding particles, polishing slurry, resins, dusts, etc.

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