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RBS cleaning agents are exclusively intended for water-based cleaning processes. The surfactants involved are biodegradable and working conditions are safer. RBS cleaning solutions do not produce neither atmospheric emission nor health risks or unpleasant smells for users. Moreover, RBS detergents present favourable benefit/cost ratio due to the low concentration of use. 

The contamination which occurs in industrial production may be organic or inorganic residues: proteins, oils, greases, scale, polishing pastes, emulsion, etc. The type of soils involved and their properties vary considerably that, in most cases, the optimum cleaning agent can only be found by pilot trials.

RBS range provides a wide selection of extremely efficient and economical cleaning agents for the most of cleaning processes :

  • Manual cleaning or soaking : processing small pieces (ceramics, metals, etc) or large surfaces (tanks or other production equipment).

  • Ultrasonic baths : cleaning process is accelerated by the mechanical action of ultrasonic waves.

  • Part washers, multi-chamber washing system, power spray : cleaning of high volume of metal parts, lenses, glass, containers and plastics, detachable production equipment,…

  • Cleaning in place CIP by circulation or spray: cleaning of production equipment without disassembly. Cleaning of pipes, tanks, filtration systems, etc.

  • Brush cleaning system : cleaning of metal parts, silicon or glass wafers, etc using brushes.

Brochure RBS detergents for industry

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