Metallurgy & Mechanics

RBS products efficiently clean and degrease metal surfaces and parts. They provide high residues- free surfaces before painting, coating, varnishing, bonding steps or other subsequent processing to surfaces and parts shaping.

RBS cleaning agents cover the following needs:

  • Alkaline detergents: for high performance cleaning of surfaces and parts made of stainless steel, chrome steel, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc) and any other metal or alloy not sensitive to alkaline products. Removal of oils, metal particles, silicone oil, buffing components, mould release agents, etc.
  • Acidic detergents: for the removal of metal oxides, carbon traces, scale, salt, etc. Provide original brightness to metal parts after heat or other treatment.
  • Neutral detergents: extremely mild for cleaning sensitive metals to bases or acids such as copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, zinc, tin, etc.

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