Manual cleaning - Soaking - Ultrasonic cleaner

Manual cleaning:

The manual cleaning combined to RBS detergents constitute the basic cleaning process. It is easy to implement particularly in case of a limited volume of items to clean.
This process is recommended for the cleaning of items and parts of medium size (flasks, beakers, measuring cylinders, containers, etc) allowing the use of brushes or sponges.

The items to clean are firstly impregnated or soaked in RBS cleaning solutions that assure wetting and penetrating actions on the soils. The mechanical effect of a brush or sponge permits then the removal and dispersion of the soils.
The cleaned items are rinsed by soaking or under water flow.

Soaking process:

Soaking does not require any external mechanical action. The removal of the residues and soils is totally assured by the wetting, emulsifying and dispersing powers of the cleaning solutions.

The efficacy of the soaking process may be improved by working at high temperatures or by increasing the concentration of the detergent. The cleaned items are rinsed by soaking or under water flow.

In general, relatively longer soaking times are necessary to reach optimal efficiency.

Ultrasonic cleaning:

The efficacy of RBS products is reinforced by the mechanical action of ultrasonic waves. The process is more efficient, faster and easy to control than the manual cleaning.

It is especially suitable for cleaning glassware and small parts with lines, manifolds, joints, etc. The process is safer for the user since it prevents splashes risks. The cleaned items are rinsed by soaking or under water flow.

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