RBS IND 740 - Phosphates free multipurpose alkaline detergent

  • RBS IND 740 - Détergent alcalin polyvalent sans phosphates

Liquid detergent, concentrated, alkaline, foaming and phosphates- free. RBS IND 740 is recommended for manual cleaning, soaking, ultrasonic baths and brushes systems. 

  • Technical Data Sheet TDS
  • Safety Data Sheet SDS

Data sheet

Use concentration (%) 2% v/v in water
Available packing Box of 4 x 5 L (for other pack size, contact us)
pH 100% 13,1
pH (in solution) 11,7 (2%)

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  • Efficient at low concentrations
  • High wetting and emulsifying power
  • Phosphates-free
  • Multipurpose detergent
  • No risk of calcareous deposits when diluted in tap water
  • Total rinse
  • Biodegradable surfactants

RBS IND 740 is recommended for cleaning parts made of glass, stainless steel, optical lenses, injection moulds, production equipment, etc.

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